Do you want to start over?
Are you searching for a new beginning?
Are you genuinely satisfied with your life?
Are you experiencing your best life right now?

Are you a student who requires career guidance? Or are you a concerned parent who might be facing the issue of finding the most meaningful and fulfilling career option suited to your child’s uniqueness?

All around us, many individuals are NOT living an intentional life.

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You may be a:

  • Student who needs career guidance.
  • Grade 9 student feeling uncertain in deciding what subjects are best for my career.
  • A Matric student who’s excited, yet unsure about what to do next?
  • Should I take a gap year? Which career path is best for me?
  • A Student who’s uncertain of your strengths, abilities, gifting’s, passion and uniqueness?

So, no matter who you are whether you have children who needs to make an important career decision or you may even find yourself at a crossroads in your own career, if that’s you then the #ACTIVATE Your Greatness Programme is for you, designed to Assist & Guide you along the journey of discovering yourself, your purpose and help you to Design your own life.


Evidence can be seen in:
• The number of people that are frustrated, unsatisfied and unfulfilled in life.
• The rapid increase of anti-depressants, painkillers, drugs and alcohol.
• The annual rise of suicide cases.

Again I ask…
Are you happy with your occupation or your field of study?
Is your life fulfilled?
Can a meaningful and purpose-propelled life be experienced?


If you have answered “NO” to any of the above questions, we would love to help you!!!
The Good News is that you and I can choose to redesign, realign and refocus our lives at any moment! There’s no better time to do so than RIGHT NOW!!!

My Desired Outcomes for YOU is:

  • Those who are Unfulfilled to find fulfillment
  • Those who are Unsatisfied to live a meaningful life
  • Those who are Unsure to being absolutely clear on what they want to do with their lives
  • Those who are Frustrated to finding true fulfillment in life
  • Those who don’t know their unique purpose to discover it
  • Those who have discovered their purpose to rekindle their desire to live life by design
  • Those who know their purpose to START to pursue it

SPECIAL OFFER – The first 15 people to SIGNUP on the full package TODAY will get live online One on One #ACTIVATE YOUR GREATNESS COACHING right from the Comfort of your home via Skype or Zoom (internet connection, laptop/desktop/Phone/Tab is require)